Profit UP! Utility Costs Down

How much can I expect to save per month by using USApowerDog?

The amount of money you’ll save each month depends on many factors: the size of your business, the number of motors, compressors, and lights you use, electricity rates per kilowatt-hour, your usage, the amount and kind of fuel you use for heat, and the temperature zone you are in. USApowerDog users that combine Micro-controllers, Power Factor Correction and other units see 30% or more cut in total energy consumption.

Return on investment typically varies from 12 months to 3 years.


  1. Small Hospital
  2. Restaurant
  3. Agriculture
  4. Quick Stop Gas Station
  5. Small Factory
  6. Grocery Store

Here's why

USApowerDog CUTS electricity waste for fluorescent lights and ballasts, heat pump and air conditioning, high intensity lights, fans, furnace blowers, water pumps, motor-driven equipment, walk-in freezers, refrigerators, coolers, compressors, wells, liquid pumps and all inductance motors.

The Micro-controllers AC, RU, HVAC, HEAT PUMP and Hot Water or Steam, HEAT units combined with Power Factor Correction reduce your utility costs while maintaining comfort and peak power in your business.

Your monthly savings




(Forced Air heating (gas, oil) Hot Water Heat, Steam Heat, Heat-pumps)

Equipment (rebates apply)

Auto-PowerDog15–30% reduced AMPsOptimizes Total Business
Smart-PowerDog8–20% reduced AMPsElectric motors
Smart-AC Controller12–21% reduced AMPsAC compressors
Smart-RU Controller12–21% reduced AMPsWalk-in Freezer/Coolers
Smart-Forced Air Controller12–20% reduced FuelForced Air furnace
Smart-Heat Pump Controller15–22% reduced AMPsHeat Pump system
Smart-Hot Water Controller12–20% reduced FuelHot Water Heat system
Smart-Steam Controller12–20% reduced FuelSteam Heat system
LED lights9–12% reduced AMPsLighting
Auto Thermostat15–25% reduced AMPsElectric & Fuel efficiency
Electric Hot Water Control8–12% reduced AMPsHot Water Heater
Peak Energy. Control5–8% reduced AMPsAC during peak time


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