USApowerDog reduces home utility bills 30–40%

Residential Eco-Pack saves 30–40%

Comfort, Convenience and Cost Control describe the Residential Eco-Pack.

Your home will be comfortable at costs your neighbors will envy when you install the Residential Eco-Pack. The package is designed to dramatically reduce the cost of your heating, cooling and other home energy needs and, you can have remote control with your iPhone.

Monthly Reports show how efficient you are compared to your neighbors.


  1. Small Home
  2. Average Home
  3. Large Home

How much can I expect to save per month by using USApowerDog?

The amount of money you will save each month depends on many factors — the size of your home, the number and size of your air conditioning system, heating system, number of electric motors, lights, appliances, electric rates per kilowatt-hour, the amount and kind of fuel you use for heat and the temperature zone you are in. USApowerDog users that combine Micro-controllers, Power Factor Correction and other units (see below) 30–40% cut in total energy consumption.

Your monthly savings




SMART CONTROLLERS (rebates apply)

Central AC12–21% reductionControls Air Conditioning Compressor
Central Heating12–20% reductionControls Forced Air, Hot Water, Steam, Heat
Smart Thermostat15–25% reductionControls AC and Heat1
Auto PowerDog Unit15–30% reductionIncreased efficiency of ALL motors in home
LED Lighting9–12% reductionBetter, long lasting lighting
Ele. Hot Water Control8–12% reductionHot Water Heater
Peak Energy Control5–8% reductionAC control in peak time2

  1. iPhone control — optional
  2. Applies to AC or Electric Hot Water or both (available in Iowa)


Smart AC controllers15 years
Smart Heat controller15 years
Smart Thermostat5 years
Auto PowerDog Unit5 years
LED Lighting5 years
Electric Hot Water Control15 years
Peak Energy Control15 years


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